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B2B mortgage is an award winning specialist commercial mortgage broker based in Leicester, which has been operating since 2005.

We have made our name as one of the only brokers in the UK to offer NO BROKER FEE for our service.

This core principle coupled with advice from a team of experienced brokers, state of the art case management technology means that B2B mortgage offers the best support possible in finding a commercial mortgage.

Commercial mortgages are different to residential in that each case is assessed on merit before a rate is quoted. The rate quoted will be higher if the underwriter sees more risk in a proposal. If there is too much risk most lenders will decline to quote and we are left with one or two lenders who cater to higher risk cases, but at a higher price in terms of the rate.


B2B Mortgage offer:
Whole of UK Market access
As well as the well-known national names, we use regional and local lenders to cover the country. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, due to differing legal systems, fewer lenders offer mortgages.
Knowledge of the lenders who have an appetite for your business
Depending on their experience of a particular business sector, lenders may decide to favour a particular sector if their experience has been good, or avoid it if not so good. These appetites change and we keep closely in touch with lenders to know who is lending to particular business sectors. In particular, many lenders are fussy about commercial property investment proposals, and some discourage them from time to time.
No Broker Fee
We save you time in going to the best lenders for your type of business and with our knowledge of rates can secure the best deal. You will normally pay no extra for this service. We are paid by a commission which all lenders pay to brokers who introduce business to them.
Each case is bespoke quoted – We do have to speak to you!


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