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It is quite tough for a company or business to consistently live up to its name especially when the product is being offered perhaps almost anywhere and the competition to be on top and stay on top, gets tougher. However, we at Garden Buildings Direct make sure that we always focus on the solution, not on the problem. And these solutions that we think fit the best are what we proudly offer for whatever they may serve as well as to satisfy you, our customers’ progressive search for perfection.

With the growing number of different sites that offer the exact same type of products as we do, we have been, we still are, and will always be choosing to not only be amazingly unique, but also to be complete in providing all of your garden needs and wants, may it be a need for Garden Sheds, Log Cabins, Playhouses, Green and Summer Houses to Workshops and Storages jam-packed with accessories and a colossal range of varieties that you can choose from. Just think of it and you can be sure that you’ll find it here! Because just like we always say, “We are for everything that’s Garden”.



Every home will not be complete without a garden that adds colour and life to it. In fact, most people believe that a garden often reflects the people living in a house and most, if not all, really take gardening seriously. Taking care of a garden and keeping it as lovely as possible need much effort, besides, all the plants and flowers are living creatures that require attention on a regular basis. With this, having a trusty outdoor essential almost becomes a necessity. Our products come in a massive range with different sizes that are sure to fit anyone’s needs starting at the lowest possible price but with the highest of quality.



Log cabins have always been used by man for a lot of different purposes. This has not changed and they have even evolved over time and are somehow modernised as well. Today, a log cabin’s uses have multiplied such as a house extension, a home office, a personal gym, entertainment room or a private retreat house. With all of these, a log cabin needs to not only be strong and durable as possible, but to be as physically attractive as the same time. It is with pride that our products not only come with the widest of varieties to choose from, it is their high accessibility and elegant attributes that make them one of our best sellers and are absolutely worth every penny.



With the highest quality topped with the most sophisticated and classy designs, our products promise to make your family’s summer experience astonishingly memorable year after year! Not only that, our list starts at a miniscule price that will surely be pocket friendly for all classes.



For those who love wood crafts as well as those who just simply like doing their thing on everything that’s wood, these garden essentials will definitely work out for you. With the different size ranges that are specifically designed to fit anyone’s working space needs, these products are also capable to be someone’s storage at the same time. Having the option to have either a windowed or a windowless type will all be totally perfect for those who love natural light whilst working.



These garden buildings will utterly be perfect for those who love to grow and care for those lovely plants and flowers that require shelter and protection like a baby. We offer these products at a stunningly wide range of sizes. In addition, all of these products are specifically designed to provide all that plants and flowers need such as appropriate heat and sunlight as well as proper ventilation, thus having them grow as healthy and productive as possible. With the utmost quality, less complicated assembly and the most affordable of prices, these gardening must-haves will be a perfect asylum for all nature and garden lovers.



As part of our advocacy in providing nothing but the best to our customers, we would also want to take part in moulding our society’s future through these wonderful play houses. With half a dozen different types with a colossal range for each, our products are, without a doubt, capable of satisfying any kids’ and parents’ preferences from all walks of life.



As mentioned above, our products are also flexible enough to be utilised as storages as one of the many purposes they could serve. However, we greatly acknowledge the need to provide a product that will solely function as storage. High-costing and oddly-shaped large tools and pieces of equipment that usually accumulate over time on everyone’s house require a storage area as protection against natural and unnatural elements to ensure their longevity as well as a means of having your place organised and well-kept. We offer garden storages crafted from wood and plastic made as strong and durable as possible to withstand all types of weather conditions with a wide range of sizes to accommodate the smallest to the largest and heaviest of your equipment.


We greatly take so much pride in all of these products that are all meticulously-designed to be the best and as unique as possible on each of their kind. The garden structure that you might be searching for a long time is now right at your fingertips! It just takes a few clicks and scrolls toward finding that perfect one you need!


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